About Us

Our training company provides a highly motivated instructional staff whose sole mission is to provide YOU with the tactics, techniques and abilities to defend yourself or another.

We teach legally armed civilians and law enforcement professionals using a mixture of classroom and live fire range training.

Stan Moore


Stanley Moore has been a law enforcement officer for the last 20 years. In that time he has worked as a patrol officer for a municipal agency and is currently working as a deputy sheriff for the last 14 years. Currently Stanley is assigned to the patrol division. He spent time as a department firearms instructor, urban rifle instructor, defensive tactics and use of force instructor. Stanley was also an original member of the sheriff’s office emergency service unit. He served on the ESU team for 8 years and held the position entry team member, assistant team leader, primary firearms instructor and sniper. In conjunction with hundreds of hours of in service training, Stanley has trained with and holds the following certifications;

Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) Firearms Instructor
MCJA Urban Rifle Instructor
MCJA Defensive Tactics Instructor
MCJA Interactive Use of Force Instructor
MCJA Methods of Instruction
ARP & Associates Basic and Advanced SWAT
Crosshairs Incorporated Basic Police Sniper
FBI Pistol Instructor
Larry Vickers
Kyle Lamb - Viking Tactics
"Super" Dave Harrington

Kevin LeDoux

Vtac photo 2

Kevin is currently a patrolman with a local police department.  Previously, he's worked for a local Sheriff's Office and two other municipal agencies.  Kevin has a total of 16 years in a law enforcement capacity.  Kevin is currently assigned to the patrol division. He is a firearms instructor for his current agency and has been a firearms instructor for over 8 years.  He was a member of the county tactical team for 6 years, where he served as an entry team member and primary firearms instructor. Kevin was previously a guest lecturer for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in their Use of Force Program.  In 2015 Kevin earned the prestigious "Triple Nickel" coin (# 157.)

Kevin has trained with the following companies / agencies:

Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy
US Army Military Police
National Tactical Officers Association
Maine Criminal Justice Academy
FBI Pistol Instructor
Larry Vickers
Kyle Lamb - Viking Tactics
"Super" Dave Harrington
Chis Costa - Costa Ludus
Michael Seeklander - Shooting Performance